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Catholic jewelry is a unique line of jewelry that is unique to Catholic communities. It is specialized jewelry that cannot normally be found at a Christian gift store. There are jewelry gifts available for every occasion. First Communion, Confirmation, and Mother’s Day are some of the most popular occasions that warrant jewelry of a special kind. If it is Catholic specific jewelry that is desired, the best place to look is at a Catholic supply or gift shop rather than a Christian shop. A Catholic shop will carry a wide variety of the specific jewelry that is desired.

White Gold Diamond Cross Pendan

Patron saint medals are the most popular gifts to give at Confirmation or Communion. They are great gifts for almost any occasion. They remind the wearer that they are not alone and are being watched over. The medals are like pendants on a necklace. They are often round or oval but do come in other shapes occasionally. Many patron saint medals come with prayer cards. A Catholic jewelry shop will carry a large number of medals for a large number of saints. It is easier to find the patron saint that is desired when a Catholic shop is the first place checked. Christian shops will not carry the same variety of patron saints.

Miraculous medals are some of the most popular gifts in the Catholic community. They are especially lovely Mother’s Day gifts. They are also pendant type medals on a chain. These can come in a variety of shapes including a heart. They always feature Mary. 4-way medals are another very popular Catholic jewelry gift. They are in the form of a cruciform, although some medals get creative and take the form of a flower with four petals, or even a key. The 4-way medal usually features the Sacred Heart, Miraculous, St. Joseph, and St. Christopher.

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Military and mizpah medals are great gifts for military men and women and their spouses. Military medals are available for any branch of the military. On the front of the medal is the emblem of the military branch. On the reverse is either St. Joseph or St. Christopher. Mizpah medals keep loved ones close when they are separated by military duty. The front has the military emblem. The back usually has a scripture from Genesis that asks that the Lord watch over both loved ones while they are apart. Catholic jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for the person of faith.

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