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Renaissance Jewelry Going To Continue

In each and every age of the 20th century, it has been found, that there has been the emergence of a new style and trend of wearing jewelry. From the heavy jewelries of the earliest decade to the modest yet sparkling ones of the present age, there have been a lot of changes. The latest in this trend is the introduction of the renaissance jewelry. From its commencement the renaissance jewelry has been greatly appreciated by the clientele, for its sparking appearance but not burning any hole in the pocket. In this day and age, the renaissance jewelry has got its widest publicity by the Hollywood actors, who have been found in many films to wear this.

Do you think that this new trend of renaissance jewelry has come up on its own? Certainly not! On the contrary, the renaissance jewelry has been the culmination of several other preceding designs that have passed through ages and several ravages of the global spectrum. To begin with it was in the 1950's when the notion of jewelry was classified into day (gold with no adorning stones) and night (diamonds) wear. Florentine finishes, twisted rope, mesh, piercing, fluting, foxtail chain and braided wire became popular textures for gold jewelry. Cultured strings of pearls became fashionable for daywear and turquoise, coral and amethyst were the in vogue colors and gemstones for the period. From this period it went into the 1960s that witnessed a hybrid of gold, platinum, silver, natural gemstones and geode crystals. Faceted gems and round brilliant cut diamonds along with organic, abstract and jagged shapes dominated metalwork.

Unique Gold Jewelry

The 1970s was a feminist era when for the first time women saw fit to purchase their own jewelry and define their own style. New and different materials were used such as wood, ivory, rock crystal and coral were incorporated into jewelry design. It was this period when the austerity of diamond daywear and nightwear was abolished for the entire life and diamonds again saw the light of day. The stones like onyx, lapis lazuli and coral and other non-precious materials made their first appearances during this period and earned the appreciation of the people. Theme bracelets or charm bracelets were also introduced, with add-on attributes and purchased separately. This period was followed by the affluent 80s that for the first time brought a demand for sparkle, glamour and glitzy "Dynasty" and "Dallas" type of ornamentation to the center stage. However, this was found to be countered by the marriage of Princess Diana which perceived for once gain the reemergence of the refined taste and grace. The decade of 90s perceived that the jewelry design was produced in many retro forms, which was nothing but a collection of times past. Aquamarine, tanzanite, colored pearls and silver were found to be included into sophisticated or chunky styles.

The teenagers did not think it wise to leave this design and began wearing multiple earrings in both or either ears, and Punk Rock influence was seen with the advent of safety pins and other household items being used as jewelry. What's more, this period also witnessed the appearance of body piercing as a style that was inspired from the most wearers from African origin. Besides, Madonna popularized through her sensuous style popularized bangle bracelets. The same saga was seen in the 2000s when the hybridizing metals and non-precious materials became highly chic with new techniques and designers collaborating colored diamonds or pearls with rubber, stainless steel and even plastic. What have you learn't from this? The renaissance jewelry has not come up on its own and it can never be. Lastly, the renaissance jewelry is going to stay for some years from now till it gets replaced by any smarter trend.

Fine Designer Jewelry – The Best Jewelry

Fine designer jewelry refers to the best of the best. It is the jewelry made of the best materials. It is also the most unique. It is designed by jewelry designers in limited amounts. When it is gone it is gone. Many companies make a business out of copying designer jewelry to sell at less cost and in less fine materials. Designer jewelry is usually purchased at specialty jewelers. It is known by brand name and is the most sought after jewelry in the world. Even fine jewelry that can be purchased in department stores or jewelry chains does not always have the uniqueness that is in designer jewelry.

Most fine designer jewelry collections can be categorized into several different sections. Bridal designs are always included in every designer’s collections. Fine jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are a part of the collection as well. A designer may also specialize in a type of material that provides a signature to their work such as rose gold, pearls, or colored diamonds. Their collections usually come out once a year. Once the jewelry is sold, the designs are shelved and new ones come out. There is no time like the present when it comes to designer jewelry.

Amethyst Dangle Earrings

Bridal rings are some of the most popular fine designer jewelry purchased. The engagement and wedding is a time when expense is not spared. It may be one of the only times most people consider designer jewelry. Most bridal designs revolve around diamonds. Occasionally some designers will include other types of stones, sapphire being the next most popular. Some designers spend their time working on unique designs for bridal collections. These might include unique wedding bands or using materials that are not often used for bridal.

Designer jewelry includes a range of fine necklaces, bracelets, and rings meant for every occasion. This is the designers chance to get really creative. Jewelry is not limited to popular demand as in bridal jewelry. Fine designer jewelry is made to create fashion. Sometimes fine designer jewelry collections include something special and unique to the designer. Their signature designs may be expanded to include a whole line of jewelry based on a single piece. Or a collection based on a material like pearls might be created. Designers latch onto a certain material or design and create many pieces from one idea. This type of jewelry is considered art.

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